Wine warehouse insurance

Wine warehouse insurance


Your wine warehouses store and distribute wine, in doing so you have a unique set of insurance challenges.

Commercial auto
Commercial use of vehicles related to the hauling and transportation of wine.

Cyber liability
As your business becomes increasingly interconnected to the internet, and a consequence of having customer data, you may also become a larger target for those wishing to acquire and misuse that data. We maybe able help you craft a custom solution that identifies your risk and protects your data.

Wine is typically stored wine bottles, barrels or some other combination of materials that is typically susceptible to the kind of breakage caused by earth movement, making this a critical coverage.

General liability
General liability associated with running your business.

Umbrella & excess casualty
A commercial umbrella policy provides extra liability, typically a million dollars or more, that goes above and may fill in the coverage gaps of other policies. With an umbrella policy, you have additional liability only coverages over and above the liability limits of your underlying policies.

Wine and & other property
Your store of wine can be vulnerable to theft, forklift accident, fire, spoilage and the forms of property protection.

Workers compensation
From picking up cases, to operating heavy machinery, your workers maybe injured on the job. We can help you insurer for, and manage this risk.

... and more
Depending on the scope of your business, you may have an array of insurance needs.

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