Sommelier professional insurance


Sommelier professional insurance

Being a Sommelier comes a unique set of insure needs, such as:

Professional liability
Coverages tailored results from misrepresentation, errors or omissions in the course of your service as a Sommelier. Examples may include:

  ○ Cellar appraisal service
  ○ Wine investment service
  ○ Wine damage assessment service
  ○ Virtual events where you provide Sommelier service

Wine & liquor liability
Liquor liability is coverage associated with the serving of wine, or any type of alcohol to a person who subsequently causes injury to people and / or damage to property. Liquor liability may be included or excluded as part of a general liability policy.

... and more
If you are a self employed Sommelier professional you may have need of: General liability, Commercial auto, Cyber liability, Media liability, Workers' compensation and more insurance.

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