Wine Shop and wine seller insurance


Retail wine shop, online wine retailer, restaurants and other wine sellers insurance

You sell wine in California, we may be able to help you craft a custom insurance solution right for your business. Your insurance needs might include:

Brick and mortar wine shop
You provide a service to your community, doing so comes with an assortment of risks, such as: a patron slipping and falling at a wine store, damaged to wine and property, product liability, workers compensation / otherwise having employees and more.

Online wine shop
You likely have a great deal of customer data and would benefit from protection from cyber liability, cyber attacks, data breaches, general lability and much more. We can help provide analyses of how vulnerable your client data is, and provide an highly customized insurance solution to help meet your needs.

Restaurant that serves wine
Your wine serving restaurant is exposed to a number of risks. Restaurant owners should consider business property insurance, liability insurance and workers' compensation insurance. We can help you craft a custom insurance right your business.

.... other wine & liquor liability, and more
Assorted wine and liquor liability insurance can help a business that sells, serves, or distributes wine or other alcohol.


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